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Why I Chose Victory100 Out Of Thousands Of Companies Out There…

Victory100 has literally taken the world by storm and there is a very good reason for that. People need money but they are also sick and tired of schemes that just give them hope and leave them empty handed in the end.

Before you read the rest of this page I want you to watch this interview with Kevin Harding about Victory100.

The day the founders of Victory100 contacted us I knew something great was coming and the reason for that is these people have values. To them there is more than life than just making a quick buck. I don’t really care if you think at this moment that all the companies use this as a reason, it’s true and that’s all that matter to me.

So first of all I can trust them to make a difference in the life’s of people all over the world…including me.

The next reason is I know they have the experience to manage this company into the future. Keith Harding one of the founders of Victory100 and is also one of the founders of Sportron International. Under his guidance Sportron became one of the leading companies in the direct selling association.

Watch this video to see what Neil Offen (President of the DSA) has to say about Keith and Sportron:

So when you deal with founders like this you know that whatever they are involved with is legal and cutting edge. This brings me to the law firm that handles Victory1oo to make sure everything is exactly the way it should be. Grimes & Reese PLLC . This firm is one of the leading mlm law firms in the world and if you don’t believe me you can have a look at their client list. They also   received the 2010 DSA Partnership Award

About Grimes & Reese Law Firm

If this don’t convince you that you’re working of a reputable company…nothing will!

Now on to the reasons why the Victory100 opportunity. The timing of the product is perfect. Billions of businesses and individuals spend hours every day on the social networks. Victory100 makes it possible for those people to use these networks to benefit greatly.

The compensation plan is revolutionary in that it pays 100% commissions.

Below is a link to download the compensation plan and product information so you can see how it works.

=>> Download compensation plan

=>> Examples of how many people to have in your team for how much money

Before you go off on a tangent here on how the company makes money, they charge a $19.95 per month administration fee.

Here is a presentation about the products and compensation plan of Victory100

 Here is a short video made by Jeff Nicholls about the compensation plan. (thanks Jeff )

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